Gran Sasso

The Dolce Vita spanned just a few short years, but had an enormous influence on style that resonates down the generations. Italian chic was seen for the first time all over the world. The jumper, previously for the golf course, cricket pitch or as part of a school uniform, suddenly became a coveted object of high fashion. Finer gauge knits and thinner yarns spun from precious fibres in glorious colours.

Gran Sasso embodies, for us, this spirit. Founded by the Di Stefano brothers in 1952 their legacy is alive and well. Located in Sant Egidio alla Vibrata, in southern Italy, the production takes place in their privately owned, state of the art facility. It is a beautiful part of the world and Gran Sasso takes great care over its ecological responsibilities.

Fine gauge merinos, cashmeres and silk blends are their core products. These are complemented by seasonal pieces with more texture always in an array of gorgeous colours.