The story

Since an early age Simon has always been fascinated in making things. This interest in sewing, and making clothes, started one summer holiday when, in the hope of keeping two boys busy, his mother presented Simon and his brother with some rudimentary tapestry kits. An unusual choice, maybe, but he was hooked. He quietly developed his precocious talent and started creating all sorts of decorative pieces. By his mid-teens, much to the delight of his sewing teacher, Mrs Ellis, he was making clothes for the neighbourhood ladies; showing even than an attention to detail that became a hallmark of his work.

Things really took off when he started at Harrow College of Art completing a BA Hon.s fashion degree in 1988. Eddy Fosbrook, an ex-Saville Raw tailor, was then one of the main tutors. He took Simon under his wing and taught him the basics of cutting and sewing bespoke menswear.

After graduating Simon moved to Milan where he spent some years working for a renowned design studio, while also developing a circle of private clients for his bespoke work. During his final two years in Milan he was the cutter responsible for Katharine Hamnett London men’s and women’s tailoring.

During his years in Milan, Simon immersed himself in the lifestyle of Italy learning to love not just their clothes but also the interior design, furniture, food and the inspiring atmosphere of Italy’s cities.

In 1998 came a big change as Simon was headhunted for a major British tailoring company, Elite Clothing Limited, to be the design director for their Hungarian factories. It was a big step… 5 factories, 1,700 employees and clients all over Europe. A new country, city and language.

The following three years allowed Simon to see, first hand, the organisational system of mass production. He learnt a lot about cloth and trim supplies as well as garment production in an industrial setting.

Gradually he became frustrated with the limitations of mass production while at the same time realising the lack of quality men’s tailoring and clothing in Budapest.Consequently, in 2001, he opened his own business dedicated to bespoke tailoring. Gradually ready-made pieces and accessories were added and from its humble beginnings Simon now manages a team of seven. Moving to larger premises in 2015 allowed him to reorganize both the cutting and the sewing workshop while at the same time expending the selection of personally chosen ready-made menswear from some of Europe’s most prestigious manufacturers.

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