Petronius 1926

Petronius 1926 was founded by Luigi Wollisch, his first tie making workshop being in Via Rugabella in Milan. A keen Latinist he took the name from Petronio Nigro, a writer and politician during the reign of Nero, who was renowned for his impeccable taste and famous as an arbiter elegantiae. The company moved in the 1950’s to the prestigious Palazzo Borromeo d’Adda in Via Manzoni. At the heart of the old city it is one of Milan’s most important shopping and cultural locations, with La Scala at one end the other passes close to the Academia di Brera.

Now situated close to the University, Petronius produces not only magnificent hand made ties but also wonderful scarfs, pochettes and other accessories.

This historic company is now run by the third generation of the Wollisch family; they fiercely maintain the ethos of their grandfather. Only the highest quality fabrics and their refined sense of pattern and colour are good enough to carry the Petronius brand. A family story, an Italian story and, due to their hard work, an international success story.