Polo Shirts

As the name suggests Polo shirts were first created in the second half of the nineteenth century, in India, for playing Polo and, by the 1920’s, were also seen at European tournaments. With its short sleeves and a snug cut, the men's cotton pique jersey was the perfect fit for agile polo players, allowing unrestricted movement.
Tennis champion, René Lacoste, was the first to commercialise men's polo shirt in 1929, opting for a tennis-friendly version. The iconic Lacoste brand and logo came to life in 1933. Lacoste’s innovation stemmed from his discomfort with the traditional tennis shirts, leading to the creation of a more breathable and stretchy polo shirt.
While the first Lacoste shirt was classic white, tailored for tennis players, modern wearers have embraced a spectrum of colors. Yet, one aspect remains indisputable—the material. A genuine Lacoste polo shirt is crafted from cotton pique, offering breathability, stretch, and excellent moisture absorption. The best part? These shirts are low-maintenance – no ironing required; just hang them up after washing, and you're good to go.
The enduring popularity of the polo shirt lies in its simplicity. René Lacoste added some tennis- specific tweaks, such as a wider collar for sun protection and an extended back panel to keep the shirt neatly tucked in. Over the years, renowned brands like Fred Perry(also a famous tennis player), Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren have made the polo shirt a wardrobe staple, each infusing its unique style and story into this timeless classic.
As 'casual Friday' and the casual dressing trend took hold, classic polo shirts may have seemed too sporty to some. In response, Simon Skottowe set out to create his version of the classic short-sleeved polo shirt, drawing inspiration from vintage photographs of tennis star Fred Perry. The result? A one-piece collar, longer sleeves, and a heavier cotton piqué, crafted for a snug fit without unnecessary fabric. No flashy logos—just a gentleman wearing the polo shirt with effortless style.
Simon Skottowe's polo shirt collection, now a global favorite, features the original short-sleeved version in seven colours. There is also a long long-sleeved version for the cooler months. Designed to be worn over trousers, it's all about personal taste and style. Collar up or down? While we lean towards down, a turned-up collar might just be the preferred choice on the tennis court or under the sun. Whatever your style, the Simon Skottowe polo shirt collection offers elegance and comfort, letting the gentleman wear the shirt, not the other way around.