Christmas gift ideas for men who love quality

Christmas gift ideas for men who love quality

Not sure what to ask for Christmas? Looking for inspiration on the best gift for a gentleman? Here are a few ideas of some our favorites to help make the search easier.

Of course, the majority of men also think the same when it comes to buying a surprise for the opposite sex, but most women would probably agree if we were to claim; it’s hard to buy gifts for men. Still, we think you can easily find the perfect gift to make this Christmas memorable at Simon Skottowe. Here are our favourites.


No stylis men can say no to Gran Sasso

Gran Sasso knitwear are all essentials which cannot be missed and could be just perfect ideas for Christmas. The brand - which was founded by the Di Stefano brothers in 1952 - puts a strong emphasis on sustainable fashion, and their core collection is made up of natural materials like merino, cashmere and silk. This - of course - changes seasonally, but there is always room for colourful pieces and different textures. Whether you choose a thick 100% wool turtleneck, a fine knit sweater, a cashmere cap or a zip-up jacket, Italian quality is always guaranteed.

Quality scarf against the cold

It's fair to say that this December is one we haven't seen for years. The snow is falling, it's cold and the wind is blowing heavily. A high-quality scarf is the obvious solution. The new Petronius 1926 scarf collection could be the perfect choice. The oversized soft and fine wool scarf can be a great part of a classic or even a more casual outfit. Available in a range of colours, this herringbone patterned product could be the one to put under your Christmas tree.

Elegant accessories

People says that women cant have enough shoes, bags and jewels. But what about men? Il Busetto's business card holder, for example, is a must-have for any businessman. The Tuscan leather masterpiece brand has several products on the market. In addition to the business card holder, a change holder, wallet and credit card holder are also available in a range of colours, making this already amazing gift idea even more personal.

Colors everywhere!

There are many ways to spice up an outfit. You can wear colorful but tasteful socks, wrap a scarf around your neck, but if you want something really special, you can't go wrong with fancy pocket squares and ties. Founded in 1926, Petronius is a brand where you're sure to find pieces to match your suit and your mood. A well-chosen tie or pocket square can accompany its owner to all important and less important events, making it the perfect Christmas gift which can last for years.